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Fractional Human Resources for Small and Midsize Groups of Humans

Looking for intentional, outcome-driven HR support?

Human resources is for ANY company that has humans, regardless of size.

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Your partner in operationalizing HR with a human-centered approach

Are you experiencing “growing pains” as you transition from the casual familiarity of a startup to the operational rigor of a larger organization?

Is your organization running up against compliance issues? Are you worried about doing so in the future?

Do you need HR support as you grow, but your organization isn’t ready for a full-time hire?

Do you need outside help investigating a specific issue?

Need help with talent acquisition?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you may be a great candidate for our services. Navigating the challenges of growing and maintaining a business can feel like taking a test you haven’t studied for. 

You’ll get ZERO JUDGMENT from us and we’ll meet you where you are. We know how you feel. We’re here to help YOU move forward with Confidence, Clarity, and Consideration.

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HR Foundations

HR Operations

Strategic HR


Employee Lifecycle

Why Choose HF HR Solutions

HF HR Solutions is all about putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources. We believe business success comes from engaging more directly and deeply with employees. From letting employees bring their whole selves to work. From empowering employees to be agile change agents.

With HF HR Solutions, you can expect:

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  • Our commitment to people is always in service of business resultsand vice versa.


  • If you have more than 5 employees, you need a plan for safe, scalable growth. Don’t leave it to chance—chaos in, chaos out.


  • Create an environment that fosters calculated risk taking


  • Find, hire, and keep the right people. Your long-term stability depends on it.


  • Meet the compliance challenges of today, and plan for those of tomorrow.


  • Our services are always scaled to meet your needs and abilities.

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"It’s rare to find a Human Resources professional with the ability to deeply connect with people and have the skills and business acumen to create innovative and impactful programs. I continue to be in awe of Heather’s ability to see the needs of her organization and creatively construct state of the art tools and infrastructure necessary for its success. She also has an amazing presence and sense of humor that helps in every situation! I heartily recommend Heather and she would be an asset to any organization that wants an intelligent and human-focused HR department."

President, coaching & leadership development company

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