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Your partner in operationalizing HR with a human-centered approach

HFHR offers a range of services to help you grow with confidence, clarity, and consideration.

We are ready to learn about your industry, your organization, and

your goals.


HR Department Setup & Implementation

Creation of Policies & Procedures

Handbook Creation & Updates

Performance Review Process Setup & Management

Job Descriptions


Operationalize People & Culture Workflows

Provide Temporary HR Coverage When You Have an Internal HR Opening

HR on Call


Organizational Growth & Staff Planning

Employee Surveys

Employee Turnover Analysis

Training Needs Assessment & Recommendations

Project Support or Implementation for Internal Initiatives


HR Audit

Employment-Related Forms

HR Administrative Compliance

Liability Management Training

Conduct Internal Investigations

Help you keep abreast of relevant regulatory & compliance changes


Employee Relations Assistance

Performance Development & Management

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

Reduction in Force/Termination Assistance

Exit Interviews

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Achieve higher productivity through improved individual and group performance.

Develop effective performance plans, define goals and expectations for each employee, and deliver fair, consistent, and appropriate performance reviews for your entire staff. 


Encourage higher productivity and more engaged employees.

Design a reward and recognition program specifically for your company that will recognize employees you wish to reward for outstanding contributions to your business goals.


Increase employee engagement with actionable data.

Get real insight into how your employees think about and experience work. We’ll help you use those perspectives to inform an action plan to increase employee engagement and well-being.


Communicate expectations clearly and consistently, and ensure compliance

Our HR experts can help you remain in compliance with various federal, state, and local laws by assisting you in the development of an employee handbook and/or policies.


Align your recruiting, performance review, compensation, and return-to-work initiatives

Review existing job descriptions or develop customized job descriptions to clearly document a position’s job duties, expectations, responsibilities, experience, education, and physical requirements.


Simplify your administrative tasks for managing human capital resources

HF HR Solutions can identify and generate the standardized forms and templates your organization needs, such as offer letters, performance feedback, and performance reviews.


Maximize the ROI of your compensation program

While human capital is the key to a company’s success, it is also one of its greatest expenses. We can help design a compensation program to support higher transparency in employee morale, increase employee retention, and improve employer and employee expectations.


Manage risk effectively by properly documenting and processing terminations

HF HR Solutions experts can support your management team during the process of employee separation, be it for departmental reorganizations, layoffs, performance challenges,  or employee wrongdoing. We will skillfully guide you through these difficult processes, ensuring dignity and respect for all people involved, backed up by compliance, proper documentation, clear communication, and empathy.


Ensure compliance today and tomorrow

HF HR Solutions provides service and support in areas such as worksite employment verifications, compliance posters, ADA interactive process and documentation, unemployment claims, internal complaints, and exempt/non-exempt classification assistance.


Move forward with Confidence, Clarity, and Consideration in employee issues

HF HR Solutions experts are available to provide guidance to your company’s leaders on how to improve communication, build trust, and identify and implement DEI initiatives. We will advise on how to best handle employee issues, including coaching, disciplinary actions, leaves of absence, wages/overtime, and employee separations. Your HR expert can help you to ensure that all aspects of an employee issue have been considered and any action taken is applied consistently throughout your company.


Protect revenue and eliminate employer liability risks

HF HR Solutions offers instructor-led and virtual learning courses facilitated by our trained professional HR staff on topics for all employees on how to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, violence, and substance abuse in the workplace. Courses also are available for your supervisors and managers on coaching employees, Manager 101, legal and effective interviewing, best practices for performance evaluations and goal-setting, and how to give/receive meaningful feedback.

Find out if HF HR Solutions is

a good fit for your organization

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